Important Notice

This Brief Bank is offered by the Office of Prosecution Services (OPS) as an exclusive online reference tool for Alabama Prosecutors and staff.  This OPS database provides access to a rich storehouse of legal information on a wide variety of legal issues.  Its content has been compiled from the many experienced prosecutors around the State of Alabama and OPS.  This Database contains downloadable copies of pleadings, motions, warrants and briefs.  They are mostly in template form and may be downloaded and modified by the prosecutor for individual needs. 

This Brief Bank is intended to be a support mechanism for the local prosecutor and in no way should it ever be a supplement for your own in-depth legal research.  Case law which may support certain portions of this Brief Bank may change or may not be applicable to your particular case.  OPS is not responsible for the outcome of any proceeding where any pleading contained in this brief bank is utilized.

 If you wish to submit a pleading or motion for inclusion into this Database, please contact Trisha Mellberg, trisha.mellberg(at) or Barry Matson, barry.matson(at) or call 334-242-4191.